Friday, August 9, 2019

Explaining how to play netball and how it works


How to play Netball and how it works
BY Jasmine...                                                           

Netball is competitive but yet a very fun and enjoyable game to play.
You would most likely play it outdoors or indoors on a court, there is usually up to5 to 6 players max in a team and at least 1 sub in case someone gets pulled off or injured during the game

How to shoot a goal: Raise the ball to the hoop aim very carefully when you shoot if you miss then try to catch the rebound. A rebound is when the ball bounces off the ring of the hoop. If you catch the rebound then you can try and shoot again and again until either you get a goal or drop it and the other team gets the ball.

How Defense, Attack, and center work:
With attack, you are the main person that has to try to shoot goals for your team. And for defense, you have to try to block the other team when they have the ball so they can’t get a goal. For center, you can go anywhere on the court apart from the goal area.

What a replay ball and a stand-down and stepping means for netball:
A replay ball means when there is an aspect of an incorrect ball. A stand-down means there was contact between 2 players or they were too close to each other. This means the player that caused contact with the other player has to stand 0.9m (3ft) away from the player with the ball. Stepping is when you have the ball and you move your foot or step with the ball  while it’s in your hand that’s why you have to pivot which is where you land on 2 feet or one foot and the foot you land on you have to turn carefully with that foot and pass the ball to another player.

In conclusion, netball is an outdoor or indoor interactive game that’s very fun and enjoyable to play. It is a very popular game that gets played everywhere around the world and involves lots of joy. You can also learn to get better and better at netball. At certain things that involve netball, I recommend it. It’s very fun to play… 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Round and compensating subtraction...

In our maths group, we have been learning to round and compensate I found it
quite easy and fun to do but at first I found it slightly hard but not really...

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rounding and compensating.

In our maths group, we have been learning to round and compensate. At first I
found it a bit challenging but after a little bit I got the hang of it I really enjoyed
making this google slide.....

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My speech

About a month ago we presented our speeches in front of our class and we also had a group of year sixes from our class wanting to go to reap which is a speech competition. After we presented a couple weeks later we had to make a screen castify of us reading our speech again but to our blogs mine was
about why I disagree that all sports should be non-competitive until the age of 13 hope you liked it...

Te kauru term 2 assembly.

 A couple of weeks ago we had our class assembly based on the true story of the three little pigs and how the wolf was framed. These are just a couple of the pictures that involve's our assembly featuring granny and wolf, the police and our narrators. This was so much fun I really enjoyed it everyone did a
great job at their parts and acts mainly because they were lovely loud and animated ...👍👍😀

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My Te reo animation strip...

In our class, we have been learning about Te Reo and we even made a Te Reo animation strips which were very fun to create and make. We had to learn to ask and answer questions and translate it into English.

 I really enjoyed making these animation strips but it was quite hard with having to make sure all the spelling and capital letters are in the right place and correct. Apart from that I really enjoyed it...😊

Thursday, June 20, 2019

What makes me a great leader....

In our class, we have been learning and talking about what it takes to be a great leader or who we think in our school/class but today we made a google draw poster about what we think that makes us a great leader because we know that everyone can be a leader in something......

For me, I was sort of doubting myself with what makes me a leader but my friends really helped me with my reasons why I can be a great leader so that really did help me. I love making google draws but I think I could have made it a tiny bit more pretty but anyway I loved doing this poster...